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God's Game Plan


In most athletic contests a coach prepares a game plan ahead of time.  God designed a plan for our lives before the world began.  God is holy and perfect.  He created us to love him, glorify him, and enjoy him forever.

To find out more about the game plan he has for your life, click on the More Than Winning link below - 



To develop your new relationship with Christ after More Than Winning, we have some important "first steps" to getting stronger in your faith.  This First Steps website is for athletes who are new or experienced Christ-followers and want to understand the vital basics of the Christian faith. Many people accept Christ and decide to follow Him, but they don’t fully understand what comes next. This web page is designed to ground you in what it means to be a disciple and live your life for Jesus. 

This resource is designed to help athletes, coaches, parents, youth leaders, and volunteers to experience dramatic growth in their new faith in Christ. As you engage with each step, you will be equipped, encouraged, and motivated to run with Jesus the race—the adventure—that God has already marked out for your life.

Let us know what you decide!

If you've made a commitment to Christ, we'd love to celebrate with you!  We hope you will go here to let us know.

If you're already a follower of Jesus, but want to rededicate your life to him, we'd love to celebrate that as well! Please click here to let us know.

We think it's essential to find a Bible-teaching church to attend, grow in your faith, and serve others in the world around you.  If you'd like help finding a church home, simply drop us a line and we'll be happy to help connect you in your community.

Want an easy way to tell others about Jesus!

As you grow in your faith and want to tell family, friends, and teammates about Jesus, you can direct them to this page about God's Game Plan, or you can use a simple method to share the good news called "The Four".  You can find it if you click here.